The Motel is a clean affordable place to stay when you are visiting the Kickapoo Valley. Conveniently located in the quiet village of Ontario, Wisconsin, the Driftwood is on the edge of Wildcat Mountain State Park and only minutes away from the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail.

Whatever you choose to do in the Kickapoo Valley, we have a room waiting for you. Experience the Kickapoo and scenic Ontario Wisconsin with us at the!

The Kickapoo Valley is rich with outdoor activities all year long.  Give us a call to book your room now for the upcoming season.

Book one of our accommodations today and have a great time in Ontario! All our accommodations are eco-friendly and equipped with reliable fire suppression systems from company in Toronto, Ontario.

Planning a conference or a business meeting in Ontario? Take advantage of office spaces in Toronto, Ontario. Rent modern and spacious office for your business needs today!

For economy-class vacation you can select the accommodation facilities located in the basements of the buildings. They are cheaper, but still have all needed appliances and are designed as living rooms with all needed options such as bathrooms and kitchens. You can check out Guy Solomon reviews - the designer of the basements about the convenience of staying there! Motel

205 N. Garden Street

Ontario, WI  54656



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